To be in the lead as the preferred aviation training provider in the region with a maintained competitive edge.


Provide Professional & Quality Aviation Training, by experienced and professional workforce and state of the art technology, in compliance with National & International Regulations and industry best standards, with the aim of exceeding customer expectations.


PSAA is committed to provide Quality Training in compliance with GACAR Part 142/143, ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Requirements and established PSAA procedures.

PSAA shall continually improve the effectiveness of its Quality Management System, primarily focusing on meeting customer requirements and striving to exceed customer expectations, through providing the highest quality training as defined below:


PSAA Departments shall conduct their operations in compliance with the requirements of all appropriate authorities. PSAA internal audits shall ensure conformity to regulatory requirements on an annual basis.


PSAA operations will be enhanced by Skillful Manpower at the highest possible level of performance.


PSAA will utilize all resources and training programs to the highest possible level of efficiency.

The Quality Policy Statement is communicated to all PSAA personnel in an effective manner. All PSAA Personnel are committed and encouraged to achieve the above stated quality goals through constant adherence to PSAA Quality Manual, PSAA Safety Management Manual and relevant rules, regulations and procedures.

Quality Objectives, consistent with PSAA Quality Policy, are established at departmental level within PSAA and continually reviewed. Full management support will be provided to ensure PSAA Quality Policy Statement is achieved.

The Quality Policy is reviewed for continuing suitability by Top Management.