Since 1959 we Provide Professional & Quality Aviation Training, by experienced and professional workforce and state of the art technology, in compliance with National & International Regulations and industry best standards, with the aim of exceeding customer expectations.
We relish the challenge of maintaining and supporting our state-of-the-art training facility with the best combination of elite worldwide expertise and equipment now available in the aviation industry. We are excited about our future growth and invite you to join us in achieving your aviation goals.
Capt. ismael S. alkoshy
Managing Director

flight training

Flight Training where the trainee pilot utilizes aircraft operating systems,  the technical and the Human Factor skills are combined. trainee pilot must coordinate all activities with other flight deck crew members until the entire crew performs as one trained team. CRM principles are emphasized all the time to ensure safety measures during flight.

safety training

It prepares flight crew for emergency situations by teaching First Aid and the location and operation of aircraft emergency equipment. In addition to video demonstrations and classroom lectures, crewmembers actually rehearse emergency drills using Door Trainers & Emergency Evacuation to get complete understanding of the procedures.

skills development training

Skills Development Training (SDT) provides a complete range of initial & recurrent training courses such as: Crew Resource Management (CRM), Flight/Ground instructor and Safety Management System (SMS). These courses are for airlines operators: Cockpit & Cabin Crew, Dispatchers, Schedulers.

training facilities

PSAA is empowered with state of the art facilities providing cutting edge technologies to aviation industries.

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