prince sultan aviation academy

PSAA operations is enhanced by Skillful Manpower at the highest possible level of performance.


PSAA Departments shall conduct their operations in compliance with the requirements of all appropriate authorities. PSAA internal audits shall ensure conformity to regulatory requirements on an annual basis.
Quality assurance


IIn 1959, Saudia Pilot Training Institute was established with limited resources. The Link Trainer was introduced in early sixties. The device provided a realistic depiction of flight and this technological wonder was especially useful in teaching instrument flying. Its legacy can be seen in modern Flight Simulators. Convair CPT (Cockpit Procedure Trainer) was introduced in 1966 and B737 CPT in 1975. The CPT supported training to enhance eye/hand coordination with a simplified profile. A complete training facility was inaugurated on 12th April 1979 asFlight Operations Training Centre at Al-Kandara District. Its main purpose was to school and train Saudi Arabian Airlines staff as skilled flight operations personnel for domestic and international zones. The centre had 4 Simulators and 12 classrooms.

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