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Who we Are

PSAA is the most experienced training center in the MENA region backed with more than 60 years of experience and knowledge.

Located in Jeddah, PSAA environment for aviation training is equipped with 8 FFS simulators for the most type of aircraft operated by most of the operators, serving many different customers in a wide variety of training types from flight training, safety training, inflight services training, nevertheless, PSAA provides training for Ground services training aviation marketing training, continuous study, aviation English training, and Aviation technical training, PSAA training facilities ensure the ideal training experience with most experienced instructors and training aid incorporated with advanced technologies in aviation training industries.

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Flight Training

Flight Training where the trainee pilot utilizes aircraft operating systems, the technical and the Human Factor skills are combined. trainee pilot must coordinate all activities with other flight deck crew members until the entire crew performs as one trained team. CRM principles are emphasized all the time to ensure safety measures during flight.

Instructor, computer and machine present the trainee with FULL realistic flight situations in an atmosphere, which acts, sounds and feels like the real aircraft cockpit. Such simulated training savings flying resources and provides better utilization of aircraft for revenue flights.

Ground Operation Training

Ground Operation Training Program ensures that airlines staff is capable of handling the complicated operation around the aircraft, each flight, ground operation staff deal with more than 40 unit load devices, catering, fuel, weight, and balance while those aircraft are welcoming the passengers on board, we employed our experience in training sharp the skill of staff responsible of such criticals operation.

Marketing Training

Like any large and complex business, Aviation industries have administrative staff to deal with finances, human resources, customer relations, and public relations. As Industries pay more attention to commercial revenues, business skills such as marketing become increasingly important. Therefore an Aviation staff must have experience in different activities and operations and all the administrative skills required in any large enterprise.

Continuous Study

  • Management Training.
  • Leadership Training.
  • Finance Training.
  • CRM Training.
  • Aviation instructor.
  • Consultancy.
  • Development Training.
  • SAP Training.


Inflight Services Training

For more than five decades of experience in inflight service, training developed its path towards excellence in delivering classy services on a wide variety of routes satisfying customers culture needs and expectations, we ensure our trainees meet the highest level of professionalism in their grooming, mindset, communication skill and problem-solving, now our standards have been developed to be delivered for all hospitality sectors looking for employing aviation’s high standards in their daily routine and operation.

Technical Training

The First  GACAR 147 technical School In The Saudi Arabia Certified under GACA/FAA 145 Repair Station, All Instructors hold FAA A&P licenses and Produce an average of 250,000 training hours annually we Provide Training for 

  • Aircraft Systems.
  • Components Engines.
  • Borescope Inspection.
  • Structure/Composite Repair.
  • GSE Training.
  • Operators Procedural Training.